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Online Telehealth Psychologists in Australia

After working as a psychologist for over 15 years in different parts of Australia, our founder Dr Evelyn Gasparillo realised there was a growing need for quality online therapy that is both accessible and effective. She wanted to make psychology services more accessible and to reduce people’s barriers to getting assistance. By reducing issues around physically getting to a psychologist – like transportation, travel time, childcare and other logistical concerns, more people can access the help they need.

We take a warm and compassionate approach to psychotherapy and we practice from a person-centred approach, working primarily from evidence-based models.

Our team is highly qualified and highly experienced and maintains ongoing professional development to update their skills and knowledge. Through our online therapy you will be accepted and supported exactly as you are, without judgement. You will learn strategies for life, not just to make you feel better for a short time.

We have extensive experience working across many different cultures and we always ensure that people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds receive culturally responsive mental health care and support. We also provide services in Spanish upon request.

Accessible and effective online therapy.

The challenges we have faced through the pandemic have revolutionised the delivery of traditional health care services.

Telehealth is growing rapidly – in many medical disciplines. It has helped to make access to therapy easier, particularly for those who are unable to visit a psychologist in person, whether it’s due to physical location or personal circumstances.

The enormous benefits of telehealth services are becoming more evident as time goes on. At Online PsychCare, we offer a professional and confidential online therapy service, using technology that enables you to access our services from anywhere in Australia.

You will work with an experienced psychologist who will take the time to get to know you and understand your challenges. Each psychologist on our team has completed extensive

training, including in telehealth strategies and online therapy. Read more about the benefits of online therapy.

We are passionate about helping you find the tools and strategies to overcome the challenges you may be facing.

Our Purpose

To remove barriers to accessing mental health treatment and provide quality online therapy that is both accessible and effective.

Our Mission

To support our clients on their mental health journey and provide access to psychological services to those who need it the most, from anywhere in Australia.

Our Values

We believe in equality and each person's right to access quality healthcare, no matter where they are.
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