What is Social Anxiety Disorder – and How Can I Treat it?

Feeling anxiety around other people from time to time is extremely common – especially if it’s new people, or a large group. But when does …

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What is a Panic Attack

What is a Panic Attack? Helpful Tips to Manage Anxiety

Most of us have, at some point in our life, experienced the feeling of panic. It presents differently in everyone. It may be an upset …

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Mental Health Help

Mental Health Help – Wellness Tips to Make Health a Priority in 2022

As a new year rolls around, many of us are drawn into the tradition of resolutions and promises to ourselves. We can’t help it! It’s …

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Access to Telehealth Psychology Services Continue to be Supported by Medicare

The pandemic has undoubtedly forced people all around the world to adapt to a new way of living. We have been working from home, wearing …

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Meditation Techniques to Calm the Mind Img

Meditation Techniques to Calm the Mind

In today’s world, we are more connected than ever before. There are endless events to attend, ten different ways to contact each other – and …

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Blog Couples

Is My Marriage in Trouble? Signs You Might Benefit From Couples Therapy

Despite what we see in the movies, love and marriage is not always easy. What comes after ‘happily ever after’ is complex – and a …

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Blog Post 3

7 Warning Signs You Might Need to See a Psychologist

They say that a problem shared is a problem halved, and while some people naturally find it easier to open than others, if you can …

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woman experiencing benefits of online therapy while cuddling dog

Telehealth Therapy in Australia – The Benefits of Online Therapy

What is Online Therapy – and why is Telehealth increasing in Popularity in Australia? It’s unfortunate but true – mental health issues right now are …

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woman on laptop in garden participating inMwoman in garden on laptop participating in online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for Anxiety and Depression in Australia

Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is estimated that 3.6% of the world population suffers from an anxiety disorder. …

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