Refer a Patient for Online Counselling

We welcome referrals from GPs.

You can send your referral and Mental Health Care Plan via fax to 08 8432 1615 or email We will notify you that the referral is received.

The psychologist will keep you informed on your patient’s progress with follow-up letters. However, you are welcome to contact us at any time should you wish for further information from the clinician.

Benefits of Online Psychological Counselling


Research evidence suggests that online therapy is effective for the management of mild to moderate depression and anxiety.

Fills service gaps

An alternative for patients who are reluctant to face-to-face treatment, such as those who have tried traditional approaches without success, or who are reluctant to attend due to feelings of shame, embarrassment, stigma, or concerns about confidentiality.

Can resolve access issues

In rural and remote areas or where patients are prevented from attending for face- to-face therapy as a result of transport difficulties, lack of child care, pain, physical incapacity or anxiety.

Convenient and flexible

After hours appointments available.

No wait times

Easy access.

Medicare rebates available

With a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan.

Regular follow-up from the psychologist

Regarding the patient’s response to treatment and recommendations regarding mental health care.

Highly experienced and highly qualified psychologists

Rest assured that your patients will be in good hands.

Who is suitable for online therapy?

People who have an increased risk of developing mental illness, or who are already experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of mental illness.

Who is not suitable for online therapy?

Not suitable for people who have complex or severe mental illness, comorbid personality disorders, substance dependence, or people who have an elevated risk of self-harm or suicide and require urgent clinical management.

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