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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is estimated that 3.6% of the world population suffers from an anxiety disorder. A whopping 4.4% suffer from depression; this is proof that you are not alone in your suffering.

Whether you are constantly feeling on edge or feeling chronically depressed in your day-to-day life, it’s likely you will benefit from online therapy, also known as telehealth.

Many people are turning to telehealth for their mental health needs due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Still, even as COVID-19 cases have been lower in Australia, many people, such as working professionals, find that online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is preferable. It is much easier to fit online therapy into your schedule than an in-person office visit.

For decades, CBT has been a go-to treatment for anxiety and depression and is the most used online counselling in Australia and around the world. CBT is the gold-standard therapy for treating anxiety and depression for good reasons. It is evidenced-based therapy, meaning the research has supported its effectiveness time and time again. It is shown to be effective for treating depression and anxiety and many other mental health concerns.

The good news is that CBT is not just successful for in-person therapy; a large body of research suggests that it is just as effective for online therapy.


What exactly is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)?

CBT is a type of psychotherapy based on the idea that depression and anxiety have a strong mental component that starts from irrational thinking. Seeing an online psychologist in Australia who specialises in this can help you target your irrational thoughts, which will be transformative in helping you manage your anxiety and depression symptoms.

CBT helps in the short run, but it also will help your mental health stay in check. CBT provides relief, but it also teaches you coping skills to help you calm down during times of anxiety or negative thoughts. During Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, you will learn to challenge your unhelpful patterns of thinking, which will positively affect how you feel. It teaches you the skills to manage the ups and downs of experiencing anxiety and depression.

CBT requires “homework” to help you practice the new mood and anxiety management skills learned during the CBT sessions. CBT also encourages self-monitoring of symptoms to help you better understand what triggered your emotions and behaviours. Just as in-person CBT, online counselling for anxiety and depression is structured and goal oriented. You will focus on setting personal goals and track your progress.

What does the research say about online CBT?

There have been many research studies that examine whether online psychotherapy is as effective as in-person therapy. The consensus is that online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (ICBT) is a valuable tool and constantly improving with technological advances since it first began in the late 1990s.

Online CBT in Australia has many advantages: it helps people develop a greater understanding of their anxiety or depression symptoms. Gaining insight into your mental health struggles is critical for you to be able to manage them better. During sessions, your psychologist or counsellor will help you understand the connection between your emotions, thoughts, and behaviours.

2017 scientific review published in the Harvard Review of Psychiatry determined that online CBT is effective for depression. It has also helped address barriers to getting help, such as lack of access to therapy for those living in rural areas where there may be fewer counsellors.

Additionally, a 2018 research study published in the Journal of Psychological Disorders found that online CBT is “effective, acceptable, and practical.” They discovered that online CBT is effective for panic disorder, major depression, generalized anxiety, and social anxiety disorder.

The most up-to-date research supports the effectiveness of CBT in relieving symptoms of depression and lowering the risk of relapsing into future episodes of depression. The good news is research on online CBT for anxiety disorders suggests that when CBT is facilitated by a psychologist online it is not significantly different than face-to-face therapy.


Why should you consider Telehealth for your mental health needs in Australia?

Many people in Australia find it easier to connect with an online psychologist. People feel that they can be more open and honest about what they are going through during a telehealth session. This factor is beneficial for both the client and the therapist when building a solid therapeutic alliance.


More benefits of online counselling in Australia:

  • Financial savings
    With online CBT you will not have to drive to therapy. Therefore, you will save money on gas and driving time.
  • Increased accessibility
    You do not need to leave home to do therapy, you don’t need to worry about transportation.
  • Public health
    By doing online therapy, you can slow the spread of COVID-19, as well as minimize your risk of contracting the virus.
  • Symptom relief
    CBT will reduce your symptoms of anxiety and depression as you learn practical coping skills.
  • A better understanding of your emotions
    Understanding your mental health is critical in getting well, and CBT can help you do that.
  • Relapse prevention
    A primary benefit of CBT is that it prevents relapse into future episodes of depression.
  • Improvement of unhelpful behaviours
    After applying the new skills you have learned during online CBT sessions, you will find you are more able to cope, thus reducing some problematic behaviour such as binge drinking, binge eating, etc.

Is online counselling by a psychologist covered by Medicare?

Yes, Online counselling from anywhere in Australia is covered by Medicare. With a referral from your GP or psychiatrist, you are able to claim Medicare rebates every time you attend an online psychology session.

What about private health rebates? Your eligibility for a private health rebate is subject to your level of private health cover and extras for Allied Health services. We recommend contacting your private health provider to enquire about your eligibility.

It is possible to find relief from constant fear and anxiety and thoughts of doom and dread.  Online therapy will help you get through difficult times and give you the tools you need to get through your mental health struggles. You will not feel like this forever, psychologists at Online PsychCare are here to help you get through rough patches and transition smoothly. With the help of an online CBT psychologist, rest assured you will be feeling better in no time.


Do I need a referral to see a psychologist at Online PsychCare?

No, you can make an appointment hereor call 1300 421 777 anytime without a referral. But if you would like to claim Medicare rebates, then you will need a referral from a GP. Under the Medicare scheme, people with a Mental Health Care Plan prepared by their GP are eligible for rebates. Your Medicare rebates will be processed on the spot, at the same time of your payment. We try to make therapy more affordable by giving you quick access to the government Medicare rebates available to you.

If you are in a crisis, if you are experiencing suicidal or homicidal thoughts, or somebody else is in danger call 000.


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