Online Marriage and Couples Counselling

Marriage and Couples Counselling

At Online PsychCare, we have psychologists trained and highly experienced in couples and marriage counselling. Our psychologists online have the skills and knowledge to support you if you are experiencing difficulties within the relationship.

We understand that making the decision to speak to someone about your relationship is a difficult step, and that can feel anxiety provoking. It involves acknowledging that things are not perfect and that there are difficulties in your relationship.

Talk to our psychologists who will make you feel comfortable and respected with their warm and compassionate approach. They will help both of you understand exactly what you need and guide you in developing the strategies and tools you need to succeed.

You can have an individual session (just you and a psychologist) or couples counselling (you and your partner together, with a psychologist).

Common issues that indicate that a couple could potentially benefit from seeing an online psychologist:

  • Trust has been damaged.
  • Communication is poor.
  • Fighting or bickering.
  • Arguing over finances.
  • Considering infidelity.
  • Ceasing to coexist.
  • Something feels wrong, but you’re not sure what or why.
  • There is something you want your partner to know, but don’t know how to tell them.
  • Changes in intimacy.
  • Going through the motional difficulties of divorce.

No appointment times that suit you?

If the times available don't align with your schedule please let us know and we will work together to find something suitable. Just email us at or call 1300 421 777.
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